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NexgenTec Provides VoIP Services to Accounting Firm in San Antonio, FL

Your phone systems, and communication capabilities as a whole, are a key part of your firm’s success as a business. You and your bookkeepers need to keep in touch with clients, financial contacts, and other personnel.

All of this requires a user-friendly, reliable, and properly scaled phone service. If you’re still using outdated landlines, or if you’re relying on a basic, resold VoIP solution, then you’ve probably encountered a range of challenges – this was the case for a San Antonio, FL accounting firm that recently got in touch with our team.

They needed help customizing their business phone experience, so they came to NexgenTec.

Accountant With Business VoIP Telephone For NexgenTec

NEXpbx: The Right VoIP Service For San Antonio, FL Accounting Firms

We equipped this accounting firm with our VoIP solution, NEXpbx, which offers a range of advantages for users:

  • Cut Costs: Small businesses that have switched over to a VoIP service save 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international calls. Furthermore, VoIP phones reduce teleconferencing expenses by 30% and help companies save more than $1,700 a month on mobile calls and long-distance softphone calls.
  • Boost Availability: By using VoIP, you can take calls from anywhere, at any time. If you’re traveling or simply out of your office, your VoIP service will forward your calls so you can answer urgent questions, address customer service needs, give employees instructions, etc.
  • Feature-Rich Experience: Don’t settle for basic landlines when you could get all the features offered by NEXpbx. Do you need to talk to a group of potential customers and/or suppliers simultaneously? Do you need to show a presentation but can’t meet someone in person? Our solution will enable you to make video and conference calls with ease. All you need is an internet connection, a speakerphone and a computer with a webcam. It’s as simple as that.

NexgenTec Will Equip You With Superior Business Phones

If you’re looking to make the right choice for both your firm and your budget, NEXpbx is what you need to stay current and competitive. Regardless of how large or small your firm is or how many employees you have, our team can make sure your business phones are set up to meet your needs precisely.

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