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Trouble Scanning With eClinicalWorks?

Technical difficulties happen. You will inevitably be faced with some kind of issue when you rely on technology to get you through the day, but for the most part, they’re the kinds of issues you can fix quickly. Issues like trouble scanning in documents. It doesn’t take an IT whiz to run through basic troubleshooting, so long as you’ve got an idea of what your first steps should be when something goes wrong.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help eClinicalWorks users get back up and running when the scanning feature stops working properly.

Tackling eClinicalWorks Scanning Issues

Unable To Scan A Document.

Scanning With eClinicalWorks

Often times when scanning in patient documents, you will get the error message shown above. You’ve already made sure that the scanner in turned on and connected to the computer, yet it still keeps giving you this same message. Give these steps a try.

1.1. Select Scanner- Ensure that the proper scanner driver is selected, as 9 times out of 10 this is the cause of the error. To fix it, you’ll want to locate the scan menu arrow located next to the scan button. Once you press that you will be given 3 options. You will want to press the Select Scanner option from the list. Choosing this option will bring up another window that will allow you to select a scanner from the list. Be sure to select the correct model of scanner you’re trying to use.

Scanning With eClinicalWorks

1.2. Restart eClinicalWorks– Sometimes scanning processes can get hung up in the background. Restarting eClinicalWorks will usually clear up the issue.

eClinicalWorks Support

1.3. Restart the computer– If the steps above don’t resolve the issue, then a system reboot is needed. Restarting the computer can help clear up anything that could cause the computer to not communicate properly with the scanner.

eClinicalworks Consulting

1.4. Contact eClinicalWorks Support- If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, then you’ll want to contact the eClinicalWorks technical support department. There could potentially be an issue that is causing your scanner to not function properly within the EMR. You can reach them at (508) 475-0450 option 3

1.5. Replace the scanner- If all else fails, then it might be time to try a different scanner. Make sure to consult the most current eClinicalWorks Compatible Devices list when choosing a replacement scanner. It’s important to use a device that is compatible with the software.

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