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Are you looking for a Leesburg, FL computer repair company for your business? Nexgentec can ensure that your business IT systems run efficiently by enhancing your communication and secure your technology from ongoing cyber threats. We invest in learning your business and understanding how technology can improve your day-to-day operations. Our IT experts can help design the right IT solution that meets your budget and fuels your company’s growth.

We partner with leading companies and organizations throughout Central Florida including The Villages, Clermont, Dade City and Orlando from our Leesburg office. Our combination of onsite IT support services and remote support allows our clients to access our customer service quickly. With Nexgentec, you never have to wait for qualified IT support.

Managed IT Services in Leesburg, FL and Beyond

Managed Business Computer Services from Nexgentec is a subscription-based, proactive technology support package that includes service you need to compete in today’s industry. We provide managed business computer services that help you develop a solid corporate infrastructure. Our Remote Care or Total Care options improve your IT functionality, security, and productivity on target.

Remote Care

Nexgentec’s Remote Care program offers a wide range of IT services that we can operate directly from our office. Nexgentec will keep your IT performing smoothly without disrupting your internal workflow.

Total Care

If you prefer a more hands-on approach and on-site IT support, Nexgentec’s Total Care package enables you to have direct access to both remote and on-site IT services. When you require a technician, Nexgentec will send one to your location.

What does managed IT include?

  • Advanced cybersecurity
  • Data backup and recovery
  • IT maintenance, troubleshooting, and monitoring
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Help desk
  • Patching & networking
  • Internet-based telephone services
  • Firewalls with up to 4G failover
  • Linus and Apple support and consulting
  • Network administration

NexPBX: Modern Telephone Services for Your Business

Nexgentec has now made it possible for businesses of all sizes to access the most valuable features of today’s phone systems without breaking the budget. Our phone solution, NexPBX, is a scalable system that can easily expand as your business grows. Our team offers continuous management and maintenance of the phone system so that there is never a disruption in your communication.

You can connect any device to NexPBX including a computer, smartphone, hardline phone, or tablet without losing performance or features. Since NexPBX is cloud-based, your entire team can communicate from any remote location worldwide. You can rely on a more stable infrastructure without spending more to get the features you want.

NexPBX features include:

  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling
  • Unlimited Lines
  • Unlimited free support
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Free phones with a 3-Year warranty
  • Multi-location ready

Wireless Networking Assessment & Management

Nexgentec can help you improve your Wi-Fi performance by assessing your system and providing ongoing monitoring and management.

Our technicians use assessment tools to evaluate your wireless network. This assessment will show us what is working, what needs improvement, and how to overcome dead spots in your building. After the initial wireless network assessment, we’ll give you a summary that outlines the issues we need to work on. We will work with you to develop a strategy for creating a powerful wireless network you can depend on each day.

Nexgentec’s wireless network assessment and development provides the following benefits:

  • Allows your team to communicate and collaborate more powerfully
  • Speeds up your internal processes by driving more efficiency
  • Reduce staff’s frustration with the Wi-Fi system

By implementing Wi-Fi security protocols, updating outdated equipment, configuring endpoints, and monitoring criminal activity, we can also provide a secure platform for your Wi-Fi network.

Solid Structural Cabling

If you are experiencing problems with your network, there may problems with your cabling. The cabling may be damaged or it may not have the capacity to handle your growing needs. Nexgentec technicians are fully-licensed and qualified to handle data cabling assessment, installation, or audio/visual cable installation.

The types of low voltage cabling or network cable used in our structured cabling installations include:

  • Cat3 Data Cabling
  • Cat6e Data Cabling
  • Cat5 Cable
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Cat5e Data Cabling
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Cat6 Cable

We offer cabling design, installation, repair, and retrofits for any type of business setup. We can assess your business needs, design a layout for the cabling and then implement the cables according to your facility structure, workflow, and anticipated growth.

Our structured cabling professionals have extensive experience and have worked on countless projects for companies in Leesburg and the surrounding area. We can identify cabling issues and find the right solution.

Dependable Network Security

We utilize IT security protocols that were developed by former NSA cybersecurity operators. Our IT security stack enables us to provide round-the-clock protection. What can you expect from network security from Nexgentec?

  • Employee education on best online practices to avoid cyber attacks
  • Securing email against malware, adware, spam
  • Detecting Ransomware and other malware before they cause catastrophic damage
  • Limiting network access through role-based access controls
  • Guarding data through encryption and automatic, verifiable backup
  • Ensuring compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FDA regulations, FINRA, and other legislative and oversight bodies
  • Keeping wireless networks secure through proper implementation, configuration, and monitoring
  • Tracking threats that may have slipped through the defenses

Professional Business Computer Repair in Leesburg, FL

Nexgentec offers IT services, networking services, data security, and telephone services for businesses across Leesburg, Florida. To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us today at 352-224-3866.

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