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Quick Tips Save Time on Each Call on Your Yealink T27G SIP VoIP Phone

Slow internet speed, waiting for technology to fire, poor phone quality along with the lag time in phone calls can all be incredibly frustrating for many business executives. Without adequate communication protocols in place, this is an impediment to business continuity and seamless customer experiences. Improving the speed of your communication protocols are as simple as these quick tips to save you time with the Yealink T27G SIP VoIP phone.

Dial the Number Before Picking Up the Handset

Time is money and none more so than for senior managers, executives, and business owners. Using the Yealink T27G SIP VoIP phone where you input the number then experience lag time because the phone is waiting for additional input is easy to resolve. To bypass that lagtime and make the dialing experience more responsive, dial the number first before picking up the handset. Because the phone intuitively knows you have finished inputting the digits, it will automatically send out the call.

Dial the Number Before Using Speakerphone

Similarly, if you wish to use the speakerphone, dial the number first before hitting the send button located below the dial pad. The pound key or hash key doubles as the send button along with another send button at the bottom of the digital display.

Because the Yealink T27G SIP VoIP phone is so intuitive, it historically remembers calls you have made before along with your preferred settings. Saving time making a call is easy when you dial the number first, then push speakerphone which activates the call immediately.

Additional Features Bringing Life-Like Voice Communications

You will find the SIP-T27G IP phone is built with Gigabit Ethernet capability which facilitates very rapid call handling. With a USB port, unparalleled functionality, Bluetooth, WiFi, and recording capability, this phone brings advanced technology in phone systems to the forefront of innovation. The T27G SIP VoIP phone uses standard encryption protocols giving you peace of mind your communications are highly secure and ongoing remote provisioning and software upgrades.

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