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Get the Best Response When You Schedule Outlook Emails to Send Later

Many people answer emails anytime they have a free moment, while still being frustrated that their carefully crafted message might be lost in an overflowing inbox on the other end.  

Are you constantly checking your email throughout the day, distracted from your tasks by the “ding” or notification icon popping to life? If you are feeling a bit too responsive to email stress, the Outlook Send Later feature may be exactly what you need. Email can be one of the biggest productivity drains experienced by an organization, which is why more professionals are looking for ways to mitigate the impact on their daily schedules. Choosing to schedule all emails to be sent during the final hours of the day helps ensure that you are not being interrupted by responses or emails that ping between other teammates. Here are a few additional ways that you can utilize the Send Later feature within Outlook to boost efficiency — and even retain relationships with peers.

Feeling a Little Peeved? Send Your Email Later

It’s happened to everyone at some point in time. You receive an email that absolutely heats your blood to boiling! You can actually feel your blood pressure rising, and you sit down to hammer out a response to the sender that is sure to blister their eyeballs when it’s read. Unfortunately, emails are all too easy to misinterpret and your hasty response could cause an even greater problem — while still not really making you feel better! With Outlook’s Send Later, you can get your feelings out in a digital format and schedule the email to be sent in the future. This gives you an opportunity to breathe for a few moments and calm down and perhaps gain some perspective on the note from colleagues before the email ultimately reaches its destination. If you go back and re-read the email after releasing some mental pressure, you might be surprised to read words that are perhaps stronger than you wanted them to be. Taking this additional time before responding can help retain a relationship, something that is incredibly important to business professionals at all levels of an organization.

Schedule Emails When They Will Be Most Effective

You know your boss is out of town now on a business trip, but you have a great idea that you absolutely want them to hear. Instead of sending a detailed email that might get missed in an overflowing inbox while they’re out of the office, schedule your email to be sent at a better time! With Outlook’s Send Later functionality, you can take the time to craft a compelling message and then schedule it for when you think the message will have the most impact. Many business professionals use Friday afternoons as the ideal time to catch up on correspondence from the week — but they’re in the mode to send email not read it. With the Send Later function, you can reply on Fridays when meetings are a bit slower and then have the emails queued for delivery on Monday or Tuesday of the next week!

Send Later is one of the many Microsoft Office functions that allow your staff to be more productive on their own schedule. Knowing that you can easily create emails at your convenience and then schedule them for delivery when they will have the most impact is an extremely powerful tool for business professionals. Staying informed on the latest Microsoft Office tips and tricks is easy when you are closely connected to your local IT service providers!

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