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Innovative Transportation IT Services

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Innovations in digital technology have already had a great impact on the integrated supply chain. Connected trucks have transformed the logistics business and other changes are being adopted to bring IoT to the transportation industry. The related hardware developments include electric batteries and trucks that can drive themselves. Many other things are going to change and smart leaders in the industry will do well to keep up.

Nexgentec helps businesses in Leesburg, The Villages and Central Florida with their IT infrastructure needs. This includes transportation companies that wish to leverage AI, big data and the Internet of Things to modernize their operations. Find out how our consultants can assist your shipping and carrier services to cut costs and decrease carbon emissions.

What Should You Look for in a Transportation IT Service Provider?

The ideal transportation IT service provider has the following characteristics:

  • Superior Information security
  • Clear functions and roles
  • Effective communication

Information Security

The ideal IT solution of your transportation company should include trained security testers and experienced cybersecurity analysts to monitor and maintain all your systems. With the correct resources in place, the security posture of your software, hardware, and network will be greatly enhanced. Unfortunately, we live in the age of data breaches and hackers troll for sensitive data to generate digital currency on the dark web.

Nexgentec security specialists conduct passive and active penetration scans to test your security and employee responses to email scams. With our team working for you, your IT system faces less risk of network insecurity.

With the help of a capable transportation IT service provider, you can implement the following procedures to detect and deflect cyber threats:

  • Encryption of private data
  • Malware analyses
  • Database management
  • Security administration
  • Threat modeling
  • Security scanning and testing
  • Backup and recovery
  • Secure password and multifactor authentication

These steps help keep your customer and company data private. Further, effective security management insurers that your IT infrastructure operates smoothly and effectively.

Clear Roles

In order to remain scalable and competitive, your transportation company’s IT infrastructure must be flexible. We stay focused on technical support, daily operations and future innovations that drive results. With this attention to detail, our consultants can fix issues as they arrive and keep your drivers on schedule. The tools we employ also prevent future technical issues that result in late deliveries and loss of revenue.

Clear Communication

Communication is one of the most important factors in any company, especially in the IT department. Transportation companies operate on a minute-by-minute breakdown of each route. Nexgentech can provide responsive tools that make the distribution and delivery process efficient and accurate. We start out with a strategic plan that outlines the current architecture of your IT infrastructure. From there we clearly communicate our recommendations to shore up your security performance.

Contact Nexgentec today with any questions regarding our services or to schedule a free evaluation of how we can help your transportation business in Leesburg, The Villages or Central Florida.

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