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Nexgentec IT Systems Support Cardiac Care Center

The primary goal for any medical practice is to provide outstanding and up-to-date care to patients who are often frightened about the state of their health. They want to know that medical providers are focused solely on their care. In real life, however, achieving this vision can be complicated by administrative tasks that divert the practitioner’s time from the task at hand. As it grew from one practitioner to nine, Village Heart & Vein Center at The Villages in Central Florida faced many of the same challenges as their medical peers:

  • Meeting everyday patient care demands.
  • Controlling staffing hours and administrative overhead.
  • Keeping up with changing medical technology.
  • Making the best use of IT services to facilitate practice efficiency.
  • Maintaining HIPAA confidentiality and patient privacy in an area of increasing attacks on patient data.
  • Staying in compliance with government and insurance requirements for patient communication in the transition to value-based services.

Most importantly, though, Village Heart & Vein Center is dedicated to creating a caring environment for patients. Because they deal with literal matters of the heart, the Center knows that a combination of technology and compassion is required. Although patients look for the latest in cardiology treatments, they still want to feel they are valued as a person. When it came to addressing these crucial concerns, Village Heart & Vein turned to Nexgentec LLC to provide a complete IT solution.

An IT Problem Emerges

Established in 2010, Village Heart & Vein Center grew steadily over the years. It now has approximately 40 employees providing state-of-the-art cardiac care to Central Floridians. The practice maintains a deep commitment to utilizing the latest in diagnostic equipment, and has adopted a robust menu of web-enabled services for doctors and patients.

A provider was brought on board to set up the Center’s IT systems, but several pain points quickly emerged. The Center felt the initial set-up was haphazard and did not maximize its ability to serve patients. It was important to have access to various data points to tie together all aspects of the business. When IT problems arose, the service solution was often slow – either a job ticket would be created or the service call would go into a voice queue. It was difficult to get a real person on the phone to address the situation.

Perhaps most importantly, the Center realized that its technology was impinging on its ability to communicate effectively with patients over the telephone. When patients called the Center, their calls went to voice mail. There was no clear way to distribute the calls among available staff members or to accurately assess the efficiency of the phone call interactions. Staff productivity was negatively affected, as they were routinely distracted from key job functions to deal with incoming telephone calls. Within six months of its founding, the Center brought in Nexgentec to address its IT needs. The two entities have worked together since then to facilitate growth while maintaining a high degree of patient communication.

The Nexgentec Healthcare IT Service Solution

Upon meeting the providers at Village Heart & Vein Center, Nexgentec worked to understand their needs so they could design a system that would be efficient and effective. The doctors wanted to focus on their cardiac care needs, while knowing that patients were receiving a positive impression of the practice. A major priority was addressing the number of missed calls. Because Village Heart and Vein had grown significantly since its inception, their inbound calls had also increased substantially. Nexgentec implemented a hosted VoIP product with a monthly call reporting system. A call queue was implemented to better handle calls so patients no longer have to deal with the uncertainty of going to voicemail or waiting for a return call from a provider.

Nexgentec phone system reporting allows the user to make changes to staffing needs based on call volume. This helps the Center to assess whether calls are being answered appropriately or in a timely manner. It also allows them to analyze data, down to an individual extension, regarding who is taking the calls and how much time is spent on the call. If it appears that the system is not working efficiently, the Center can then institute an education or training program for staff members on appropriate techniques to handle and distribute phone calls correctly.

Technologies used in the solution include Datto for backup and NexPBX for the telephone system. Nexgentec worked with partners at Dell, Eclinicalworks, and Netgear to integrate all of its charting and patient communication technologies under one IT umbrella. Ongoing services include a Managed Services Agreement and NexPBX hosted VoIP.

The system includes automatic software updates along with crucial virus and malware protection. Its design also gives the Center the ability to manage outages and downtimes. Nexgentec incorporated processes and backup features so that the loss of internet service or a power source does not have to be crippling. Although production may slow somewhat during one of these events, the Center is still able to produce something for the day.

Perhaps most important to Village Heart & Vein Center is Nexgentec’s commitment to providing a quick response time and a high degree of reliability. Nexgentec strives to answer every call that comes in from every customer, and generally does not let calls go to voicemail. As soon as a client calls for support, Nexgentec is on the case looking into the problem immediately.

The result for Village Heart & Vein Center of partnering with Nexgentec to provide a complete range of IT solutions is that it enables the practice to function to the maximum of its ability. While the providers still see the same number of patients per day, staff hours can be reduced or used more efficiently by working with technology and letting the IT pieces do their job. Based on its experience and results, the Center says that it has indeed recommended Nexgentec to multiple facilities.

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