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Can You Hear Me Now? Here’s How to Adjust the Volume on the Yealink T27G SIP VoIP Phone

There is nothing more frustrating than being on a conference call when parts of the conversation drop out. When you struggle to hear the other parties on the call, you could be missing crucial points of the conversation. The solution? The T27G SIP VoIP phone with upgraded feature-rich capabilities that will deliver a unifying and superior communications experience.

VoIP: The Future of Telecommunications

Ongoing business continuity is the key to success which is why organizations all over the globe are switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for their telephone services. VoIP business services offer cutting edge technologies and tools to improve connectivity and communication with senior executives, employees, and customers alike. The cost savings are huge, with a VoIP service offering savings of up to 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls.

HD Audio Quality and Exceptional Versatility

When it comes to VoIP, the Yealink T27G Sip VoIP phone is in a class of its own. What makes the T27G a superior experience, whether using the handset or speakerphone you will experience HD audio quality. Supporting three-way audio conferencing and wireless headsets, you will consistently be confident in the quality of your calls.

Intuitive Volume Adjustment

The volume rocker boasts of three-volume adjustments so that when the handset is sitting idle on the receiver, the volume rocker acts as the adjustment for the ringer volume. By simply sliding the rocker to the right you will increase the volume or by sliding the rocker to the left you will reduce the ringer volume.

Once you lift the handset off the base to make a call or receive a call, the volume rocker serves as the volume control for the handset. When you put the phone on speakerphone you can automatically adjust the volume accordingly using the volume rocker. What makes this phone so intuitive is that the phone will remember the volume setting for each of the three modes without you having to constantly adjust the volume.

Wireless Headset Options

For natural sound and enhanced wideband audio, you have the option of using the YHS33 featherweight over-the-head hands-free headset with an ultra noise-canceling capability producing a premier audio experience that assures quality communications with your VoIP phone at all times.

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