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Use Your Yealink T27G/T27P Quickly, Easily and Efficiently

Do you use a Yealink T27G/T27P VoIP phone, or are you planning on buying the new YeaLink T27G phone in the near future? Would you like to discover tips and tricks that will enable you to place calls faster and adjust setting more easily than ever before? If so, read on to get a peek into how to use your device quickly, easily, and efficiently. While the YeaLink T27G is newer than the T27P, this advice applies to both devices.

Expediting Phone Calls

When you pick up your phone (or turn on the speakerphone) and dial the number, the phone pauses. The machine doesn’t know if you intend to dial more numbers or not. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to speed up your calls:

  • Dial your number, and then pick up the phone (or turn on the speakerphone). The phone will immediately connect to the number you’ve just dialed.
  • Hit the pound (hashtag) key after you dial your number. Doing so signal the phone to immediately dial your number.

Adjust the Volume with Ease

There are only two volume buttons on the phone, but these serve different functions depending on how you’re using the phone system. If the phone is on the hook, your volume buttons will raise or lower your ring volume. If your speakerphone is on, the volume buttons will raise or lower the volume on the speakerphone. Take the phone off the hook if you want to raise or lower the volume on your calls. Once you put in your settings, the system will automatically retain them until you provide new volume settings.

Use the Redial Button

The redial button on T27G and T27P phones will show up to the last one hundred numbers you’ve dialed, making it easy for you to view and call anyone that you’ve recently been in touch with. However, those who want to redial the last number they called can do so with ease by simply double-tapping the redial button. Two quick presses will immediately put you in touch with the last person you called.

Extra Features and Amenities

Use your Yealink to its fullest potential by taking advantage of these neat amenities, as needed:

  • The phone defaults to speakerphone if you don’t pick up the receiver. If you are planning a conference call, just dial the number and you’re all set. To make the call private, all you need to do is pick up the receiver. The speakerphone will automatically turn off.
  • Press the “mute” button on the phone to mute background noise on your end of the call. This is a handy feature if you’re multitasking during the call and/or speaking to someone about the information being shared on the call. Just remember to unmute the microphone to speak with others on the call.
  • Do you need to leave the office in the middle of a call? No problem. Dial the number you would like to transfer your call to and then hit the “transfer” button.
  • There is a “hold” button that puts calls on hold, but it’s better to use the “park” button on the left side of the screen. Parking a call clears your screen and reduces the likelihood of accidentally merging your calls or hanging up on your original call.

Nearly 80% of businesses use VoIP services and it’s not hard to see why. This handy communications system comes with many time-saving options that make it easy for you to communicate with business partners, employees, suppliers, and/or customers with ease. Use the above tips as needed to make the most of your time so you can focus fully on your core business goals.

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